Mr. Virender

Mr. Virender

WHAT IS OCCUPATION THERAPY. HOW CAN IT HELP CHILDREN: If you’ve noticed that your child is missing certain developmental milestones, OT could help. Occupational therapy can help children with coordination, focus and organizational skills. Occupational therapy, or OT, can help people of all ages do the activities of daily living (ADLs) they struggle to do. Occupational therapy for children can lead to big benefits, especially for kids with learning and attention issues. OT may be a good option. It can help kids become more independent and better at completing tasks. OT can help kids who struggle with everyday fine and gross motor tasks like kids with dyspraxia , children having difficulty in using a toothbrush, writing on a chalkboard and organizing a backpack. It can also help kids who struggle with self-regulation and sensory processing issues. . OT can also be a big help for kids with sensory processing issues. Some kids with sensory issues overreact to outside stimulation and become overwhelmed and hyperactive. Others are underreactive and seek out sensory stimulation. If your child has these challenges, an OT might design a sensory diet. This carefully designed plan is a series of physical activities and accommodations tailored to give each child the sensory input he needs. Occupational therapy may also help kids with other learning and attention issues likedyslexia, visual processing issues, executive functioning issues and dysgraphia.

* Registered Occupational Therapist (Santosh Medical College)

* 8 years experience in the field (Desh Deepak Special School) * 5 years experience at Reconnect Neuropsychiatry & Child Guidance Clinic

* Holistic approach for each child with special needs- considers physical, social, psychological and environmental needs.

* Assesses, plans and implements goals to train students