The important attribute of Separation Anxiety Disorder is actually extreme anxiety with regards to separation by a kid from the house or perhaps from people (in adolescents as well as adults) to whom the individual is actually connected. This anxiety is actually beyond that which is actually anticipated for the individual's developmental level. The fear, nervousness, or maybe avoidance is actually persistent, lasting no less than four weeks in adolescents and children and usually six weeks or even more in adults.

Kids with separation anxiety disorder are likely to result from families that are actually close knit. When separated from major attachment figures or home, they might recurrently exhibit difficulty, sadness, apathy, or social withdrawal concentrating on play or work.

Certain Symptoms:

Excessive and inappropriate (as per developmental level) anxiety with regard to separation from home or maybe from people to whom the particular person is actually connected, as evidenced by 3 (or perhaps more) of the following:

  • Recurrent substantial distress when separation from major attachment figures or home occurs or perhaps is actually anticipated
  • Excessive and persistent worry about losing, or perhaps about potential damage befalling attachment figures
  • Persistent as well as increased worry that an untoward occasion will result in separation from a significant attachment figure (e.g., becoming lost or even being kidnapped)
  • Persistent reluctance or perhaps refusal to go to college or perhaps anywhere else due to fear of separation
  • Persistently and reluctant or fearful excessively to be by yourself or perhaps with no significant attachment figures at home or perhaps with no substantial adults in some other settings
  • persistent reluctance or refusal to go to sleep without being near a near a major attachment figure or to sleep away from home
  • Persistent reluctance or perhaps refusal to go to snooze without actually being near a near a significant attachment figure or even to snooze away from home
  • Repeated nightmares regarding the theme of separation
  • Repeated issues of physical symptoms (such as headaches, stomach aches, nausea, or perhaps vomiting) when separation from attachment figures occurs or perhaps is actually anticipated