Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is actually an anxiety condition characterized by disturbing and recurrent thoughts (calledobsessions) and/or repetitive, ritualized actions that the individual feels pushed to do (calledcompulsions). Obsessions also can take the type of unwanted impulses or intrusive images. The vast majority of individuals with OCD have both obsessions as well as compulsions, though a minority have obsessions by itself or maybe compulsions alone.

Specific Symptoms:

Obsessions are actually characterized by:

  • Persistent and recurrent thoughts, impulses, or maybe images which are encountered, at a while throughout the disturbance, as inappropriate and intrusive and that bring on marked distress or anxiety
  • The feelings, impulses, images, aren't just excessive worries about real life issues
  • The individual tries to control or ignore or maybe suppress images, impulses, or such thoughts, or perhaps to neutralize them with various other thoughts or perhaps action
  • The individual knows that the obsessional feelings, impulses, images are actually a product of his or her very own mind

Compulsions are actually recognized by:
  • Repetitive behaviours (e.g., hand washing, buying, checking) or maybe psychological acts (e.g., praying, counting, repeating words silently) which the individual feels pushed to do in reaction to an obsession, or even according to rules which should be utilized rigidly
  • Mental acts or the behaviours are aimed at stopping or maybe decreasing distress or even preventing some dreaded situation or event; however, mental acts or these behaviours both aren't attached in a practical manner with what they're created to neutralize and / or stop or perhaps are clearly substantial.