Ms. Farheen Khan
Speech Language Pathologist cum Audiologist
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a safe and effective form of intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder. It can target all basic skills such as listening, imitating, reading and behavior. It is now gaining popularity all over the world. The premise of ABA is to replace unhelpful behaviors and start exhibiting new helpful behaviors by means of a reward system program which motivates the child. Particularly, the behaviors that are dangerous or that interfere with learning are discarded. The center provides a conductive atmosphere to enable comprehensive treatment. Sessions are scheduled such that every child gets 1:1 attention from an experienced therapist. With regular sessions, children on the spectrum show great levels of improvement which translate to other structured situations such as classroom lessons, family gatherings and play. ABA is now gaining popularity in India, and for a good reason, it is the safest and most effective intervention, especially if started early for various behavioral deficits , poor language skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are no side effects, no risk factors and are planned in a way to feel like play sessions for the child. Ms. FARHEEN SAIF is an ABA Therapist. Registered Behavior Technician (BCBA) Registered with Rehabilitation Council of India ABA therapist and special educator 8 years experience in the field