Dr. R.K. Srivastava
Adult & Geriatric Psychiatrist
Dr. R. K. Srivastava is an Adult & Geriatric Psychiatrist associated as Senior Consultant Psychiatrist with Max Superspeciality Hospitals, Patparganj and Noida since December 2005 . He is the Director and Founder of Reconnect Neuropsychatry and Child Guidance Clinic at Surajmal Vihar, New Delhi. It is an exclusive Neuropsychatry and Child behavioural clinic for well-being of Adults and Childrens, Adolescents, Parents, Families and Geriatric population. Dr. Srivastava is dynamic and open-minded. He attempts to create spaces where understanding, respect, and open communication about different ways of being can be attempted and implemented. Spreading awareness of various psychiatric illnesses and how to get through them with the help of various measures is an added positive about him.